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    Carolina 12
    Carolina 14
    Expression 11
    Expression 14.5
    Expression 15
    Prodigy XS
    Prodigy 10
    Prodigy 12
    Prodigy 13.5
    Prodigy 14.5
    Sound 9.5
    Tribute 10
    Tribute 12
    Tribute 14



(sit on tops)

    Pescador 120
    Search 13
    Tribe 9.5
    Tribe 11.5
    Tribe 13.5
    Triumph 130


Carolina 12
12'x26",  50 lbs.
275lb capacity

The most versatile touring kayak ever created is in a category of its own. This day or weekend
tripper is a performance machine with great acceleration and speed. A soft chined and V-shaped
hull offers stable, smooth paddling.  Perfect size to easily load with dry storage for gear
to make the most of its capabilities.



Carolina 14
14'x24.5",  53 lbs.
300lb capacity

 (Shown with optional rudder)

Two more feet will give you even more speed and even better tracking
plus added storage space for longer distances or extended weekend camping. 
Want more control on windy days?  Go with the rudder option.

with rudder  $1175

             Expression 11.5     Video
11'7"x26",  44 lbs.
250lb capacity

New model for 2013

 For anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable boat to take out for an afternoon paddle, the all new
Expression 11.5 is the ideal answer.  A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the
Expression 11.5 features a stable and maneuverable design that is built to handle a multitude of water
environments from lakes, ponds and bays, to slow rivers and mild coastal waters for the more
experienced paddler.  Designed with beginner to intermediate paddlers in mind, the Expression's
paddling performance builds confidence and skill and is the ideal stepping stone into the world
of touring.  The hull design is a perfect balance of overall stability without sacrificing maneuverability.



Expression 14.5
14'6"x23",  54 lbs.
300lb capacity

The Expression 14.5 is perfect for a fun afternoon at your favorite local paddling destination or for
a long weekend camping trip.  The up-swept bow nose and peaked deck sheds water quickly,
providing more speed and performance than the typical touring kayak.  A great choice for the
adventure-seeker who wants a maneuverable day-kayak that remains stable
and predictable when loaded down with gear.



Expression 15.0
15'x24",  57 lbs.
325lb capacity

The Expression 15.0 offers forgiving handling and stability expected of a touring design with the
performance of an expedition kayak. The up-swept bow nose and peaked deck shed water
quickly, providing more speed and performance than the typical touring kayak. In addition,
the progressive rocker offers maneuverable handling, so you can paddle confidently in tight,
technical waters and coastlines.

The Zone Deluxe Seating system is ergonomically engineered to provide a comfortable fit.
Adjustable leg support eases pressure on hips and legs, while the height-adjustable backrest
and snug wrap-around wings help you dial-in to the perfect fit for all-day comfort on the water.



10'x29.5",  44 lbs.
275lb capacity


Affordable, fun and versatile!  Rigged for the sportsman or for a day on the lake.
A great family-friendly kayak at an amazing value.  Whether fishing, bird-watching,
or just plain cruising, you will find this kayak comfortable, light-weight, and stable.


Impulse Angler  -  $519     2014

              Prodigy XS     Video
10'X23",  27 lbs.
150lb capacity

A kayak for the KIDS !

This modest sized, light-weight, recreational boat makes it the perfect choice for smaller paddlers
seeking feature rich options at an affordable price. 
Zone EXP back band with a Zone
seat pad.  Other features include Zone Knee Pads for more comfort and added control,
and bow deck bungee to keep important items secure and close at hand.



Prodigy 10
10'x29.5",  43 lbs.
275lb capacity

Ideal for many types of water, from lakes to slow, deep rivers. The no-hassle size is easy to throw
on a car and to store.  Most importantly, the Zone DLX seating and stern hatch with sealed bulkhead
makes the Prodigy 10 one of the most comfortable and best performing kayaks in its class.


Prodigy 12
12'2"x27",  51 lbs.
350lb capacity

Explore what's a little further from land - load up the water-tight storage compartment for that
all-day trip in a Prodigy 12.0.  Maybe just relax and bring your bird watching or fishing gear.
Efficient performance and exceptional comfort help you make the most of any day.


Prodigy 12 Angler  -  $839     2014


              Tribe 9.5     Video
9'5"L x 31.5"W, 50 lbs.
350 lb capacity

An affordable, easy to paddle, and great looking sit-on-top, the most surprising thing about he
Tribe 9.5 is just how great it paddles. It performs terrific in surf and rough ocean conditions,
but is also speedy and maneuverable on flat water and lazy rivers. With side handles built-in plus
additional bow and stern handles, carrying and car topping is a breeze.  It offers speed, control,
and comfort. The ergonomic design puts the paddler's feet level with the body
rather than at an awkward angle.


Tribe 9.5 Angler  -  $569     2014

Tribe 11.5     Video
11'5"L x 30"W,  62 lbs.
350 lb capacity

Added length in the 11.5 means more speed, more space, added storage, and an extra boost
in the surf.  Makes a great all-around boat for anyone, including larger paddlers.


Tribe 11.5 Angler  -  $669     2014


              Tribe 13.5 - tandem     Video
13'5"L x 34"W, 74 lbs.
500 lb capacity

Three's company in the Tribe 13.5 tandem. Excellent for discerning, price-conscious beginners or
seasoned paddlers, the Tribe performs adeptly in the surf and rough ocean, flat water,
and lazy rivers. It's the complete package of speed, control, and comfort.
Paddling solo is also no problem from the center seat.



                 Tribute 10     Video
     10'x26",  38 lbs.
     225lb capacity

The Tribute is specially engineered for smaller framed paddlers, but unlike others in its class,
maintains performance and roomy comfort. With good tracking, maneuverability, and surprising
speed, there’s no better recreational kayak for that cardio exercise or a full day of paddling. 



             Tribute 12     Video
12'x24",  40 lbs.
230lb capacity


Not long ago a manageable kayak that was ergonomically engineered for smaller paddlers
that also offered sporty performance, was unheard of. The Tribute 12.0 changed all that and
continues to gain popularity as people experience the effortless paddling and speed they
never expected. Now experience it yourself.



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              Capella 167 -  fiberglass w/skeg     Video
16'9"x22.5",  55lb
Weight range:  121-265lb

The mainstay of the P&H range has all of the design characteristics expected of a classic British
sea kayak.  The moderate 'V' hull provides a good mix of tracking performance and comforting
initial stability whilst the soft chines give responsive edging coupled with confidence inspiring
 secondary stability.  Used to introduce many people to sea kayaking it is an ideal choice
for a true all-rounder.
SALE '09  $2499


Delphin 155  RM  w/skeg
15'5"x22.5",  46lb
Weight range:  143-275lb

The most exciting thing to happen to Sea Kayaking in years!

This new P&H Delphin 155 turns traditional sea kayak design on its head and challenges many
preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. The cockpit has been move
backwards and the stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water, but when paddling the
stern engages and aids tracking. This combination is unique to the Delphin creating a kayak that
is long enough to paddle like a traditional sea kayak on flat water with enough speed to keep up
with the pack but will transform into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when it hits moving water,
coming alive in tide races, over falls and surging water.

Can be special ordered