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              Chatham 16    
16'5"L x 22"W,  59 lbs, w/skeg
Capacity:  275-325

  An ideal coastal explorer with great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. Full-chined hull provides great stability and quick response to edging and lean turns. Bow, day, and stern hatches with bulkheads.  Awarded "best" gear honors by both National Geographic Adventure and Men's Journal.  

out of stoc
k - can be ordered

Chatham 17

17'2"L x 21"W,  63 lbs, w/skeg
Capacity:  300-350


  Less-pronounced rocker than its 16-foot sibling gives the 17 stronger tracking and greater hull speed. Sits comfortably on dge and responds quickly to a deliberate paddle stroke. Adjustable outfitting offers maximum comfort while still providing positive fit for aggressive edging and rolls.  


         Elias     Video
15'6"L x 22"W,  54 lbs, w/rudder

  Introducing the Elias, an agile, playful and responsive touring kayak.  The Elias takes its design cues from Necky’s popular women’s specific Eliza kayak, with a slightly longer and larger hull designed to appeal to a broad variety of paddlers. At fifteen and a half feet, the Elias is extremely efficient for a kayak its size. Its relatively modest waterline translates into less effort for the paddler at normal cruising speeds, making the Elias significantly more efficient for everyday touring than other kayaks in its class.  



15'4"L x 22"W,  49 lbs, w/rudder
Capacity:  225-275

  Our women's kayak feels so good you never want to get out of it. Its compact cockpit makes you feel secure and firmly in control. And its balance of maneuverability and reduced drag will help you keep up with the guys. Or just plain leave them behind.  

also available in fiberglass w/skeg:  $3099

Looksha 12

12'1"L x 25.5"W,  50 lbs
Capacity:  250-300

  The Looksha 12 is compact yet it features everything you need for a longer paddling adventure. The large roomy cockpit combined with the Extrasport seating system offers  an extremely comfortable ride.  Compact size and excellent maneuverability make the Looksha 12 a fun choice for coastal exploration, inland touring and river paddling.  


Looksha 12 Si

2'1"L x 25"W,  49 lbs
Capacity:  225-275

  The Looksha 12 Si has the same great features as the Looksha 12. What's the difference? The 12 Si has been designed and sized down to fit small to medium build paddlers.  

Out of stock - Can be special ordered

Manitou 14     Video
14'4"L x 24"W,  49 lbs, w/skeg
Capacity:  275-325

  Retains the stability and comfort of its shorter siblings while helping you advance your paddling skills. With a retractable skeg to improve tracking, it delivers performance that satisfy even hardcore paddling enthusiasts.  You won't outgrow this kayak anytime soon.  

Out of stock - Can be special ordered

RIP 12     Video
12'L x 28"W,  50 lbs
Capacity:  325-375

Quick-Seal stern hatch with bulkhead

  The Rip 12 moves quickly across the water and has a sharp keel to give it even more glide and better tracking.  Designed to grow with you, the Rip 12 is a great choice if you’re just getting started.  

2012, 2013 - $700


14'1"L x 25"W,  63 lbs
Capacity:  250-300

  The Vector 14 isn’t your “traditional” sit-on-top.  This kayak was designed to push the performance envelope.  While the secondary stability is high the initial stability allows paddlers to  lean turn or sit it up on edge with ease.  In fact, the design premise of the Vector 14 was to make sure the hull performs very similar to our high end sea kayaks. This unique kayak will take sit-on-top kayaking to a whole new level.